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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011

That's an easy date to remember the first day of our new life. We enjoyed the hotel's wonderful breakfast buffet this morning, eating out in one of the gardens. Lots of fruits to choose from, pinto gallo, eggs, breads, cheese, fresh fruit juices, and so on - plus really good black Costa Rican coffee.

While ogling all the plant life in the garden, I saw mangoes, bananas and limes growing....birds I do not recognize and their calls. It is just fabulous.

We jumped in with both feet this morning and took a stroll around a small part of San Jose. I love it - it's crazy, noisy, gridlocked with traffic, people on the streets and in the parks, horns honking. We even went shopping at an Auto Mercado and bought some things we had run out of - shaving cream, shampoo, etc., and two bottles of personal sized vodka. Lance paid with colones and did a good job figuring out the CR money.

Took a cab back to the hotel where our very honest driver gave us a lesson in how to pay with colones as we had tried to give him way more than the actual fare cost. I loved the cab ride - they drive the way I always wanted to but we have so many rules and regulations in Canada.

Just heard from Angela at World Pet Travel and she said Genny spent a peaceful night in Houston, and was on her way to San Jose. In fact, she should have landed by now and is clearing Customs. Then she'll be delivered to the vet in Santa Ana for boarding.

So, everything has come together as planned. Based on our half day here so far, I can't see us ever returning! I love this country already.

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