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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Great Day Becomes a Perfect Day

Why? Because of a terrific lady named Becky. I met her on the Association of Costa Rica Residents forums. ARCR is an organization of ex-pats living in Costa Rica and we joined a year ago. It's a terrific source of information on living in Costa Rica.

Becky recommended Veterinarios Asociados in Santa Ana as a good place for Genny to stay until we found a home to rent. She has boarded both her dog and cat there and would do it again. Their website showed very attractive condos for each cat. So I communicated with Veterinarios Asociados and World Pet Travel arranged to have Genny delivered there when she arrived on June 1st.

I phoned them today to see how she was coping and was told the vet wanted to talk to me, but was not in. So I got worried that something was wrong. Becky lives in Santa Ana and offered to go see Genny for me and send me a report.

As Becky said, Genny seemed muy tranquilo, was affectionate, and played with the toys Becky took to her. They were going to let her out of her condo for a while to get some exercise. She is eating well too. It seems there is now no rush for us to go see her, as Becky has offered to drop in again in a few more days. And this is a big help to us, as we are going to see our lawyer tomorrow to start the pensionado process and not sure how much of the day we will need and if we will have to stay on in San Jose for a few more days.

We can't thank you enough, Becky - you are a wonderful person and you can't imagine how relieved we were. Here are some photos Becky took of Genny today:

Oh, and Genny has a message for Tuffy: "Ha ha, I am in Costa Rica and you are not!"

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