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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

Today we finally met Genny's guardian angel, Becky, who has been visiting Genny and giving me updates. Not only that, Becky brings Genny catnip toys! Joining us also was Becky's friend, Tina, who lives around the area we are staying in.

We settled in at a local soda and these two were a font of good information for us. What wonderful tales they have to tell about some of the pecularities of Costa Rica - many of which are hilarious to us but can be frustrating when one is trying to deal with getting things done.

We've agreed to meet again in six months for another chin wag. By then, we'll no doubt have tales of our own.

Afterwards, Lance and I walked around the neighborhood a bit - found a new soda to try tonight. Here are a couple of photos of the area.

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