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Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Have a House!

No more living out of suitcases .... we found a pretty, yellow casa in an area not too far from Atenas - not walkable but a short taxi ride.

Thanks to the great guys - Roberto and Andrew - at Reimax Best Climate for finding this house for us. It has two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, living/dining area, fenced yard with lime, orange and mango trees, two hammocks, and all furniture and appliances, indoors and out, right down to dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and all appliances. The rental price includes all utilities - electric, water, satellite, internet, phone and security system. All we have to pay extra for is the gardener and at $2 to $3 CAD an hour, that is hardly a huge expense.

I can tell you that we are saving a huge amount of money compared to what we paid for a leased house in Cloverdale. There we were responsible for the rent obviously, plus gas, hydro, phone and cable. The rent was considerably more than our new place in Costa Rica. We needed a car so there were car payments, gas and insurance. We may eventually buy a car here - we'll decide in a year. Car insurance in Costa Rica is so cheap compared to Canada. In the meantime, we can take an awful lot of taxis for what our vehicle in Canada cost us and taxis here are very reasonable. So is the bus system which goes all over the country - I think the fares are less than $2.00 CAD.

We get the keys tomorrow so we'll be moving in a day or two...and, hey! no need to pay for a big moving van - we'll just call a taxi 'cause all we have are suitcases and a cat!! I do like this style of living - not dragging heaps of stuff all over the place with us.

There is a very special type of washing machine at the new house - I'll tell you all about in after I try using it. And I'll post photos too once we move in.

Can't wait to try out a hammock and make some fresh, really fresh, orange juice.


Anonymous said...

How much is the rent for this house

Diana said...

$800 US a month.