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Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Found a Home in Atenas

Next Tuesday, we will be moving lock, stock and kitty to Atenas. We are renting a cabina for a month at Finca Huetares.

We'll decide which cabina we want when we get there. Finca Huetares has two very important features for us: high speed internet and kitty friendly. Each cabina is fully furnished, with bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. And we have access to the restaurant and pools. Genny can go for a stroll outside, under close supervision, but she won't have a fenced yard. There is also a cottage available later on that is separate from the rest of the resort, has a fenced yard and might be good for us. It is currently booked but we can have a look at it once there.

It will be so nice to relax, unpack, and stay put for a while in the area we want to live in.

Today we again went into downtown San Jose to stroll around. Lance is becoming really proficient in giving the taxi driver our destination in Spanish and figuring out the fare. His head burnt rather badly yesterday so we got him a baseball cap today. With the sun straight overhead, we have to be really careful. I'm looking for a straw hat for me too.

Tomorrow we are meeting Genny's fairy godmother - the lovely Becky who has been visiting Genny in Santa Ana, playing with her and bringing her catnip mice.

It rains every afternoon at this time of year and what a pleasure it is to be sitting on the covered verandas while the rain falls on the tropical trees. Yesterday, we had a real downpour and the sound of the rain beating on the tin roofs makes one want to have a little siesta. Tonight for dinner we are going back to the soda we found yesterday. Since the Canucks game starts at 6:00 pm, we'll need to go eat at 5:00 pm.

By the way, a litre of Smirnoff vodka costs about $11 Cdn. here! See how much tax your Canadian government is mainlining out of the lot of you?


Dan and Lisle said...

Your transition is amazing - can't imagine moving without a place to call home - we have the opposite challenge - a place, but not the time to spend there - will be in Costa Rica June 25 - July 31. Keep writing and we will keep reading.


Diana said...

Thanks, Dan - I'll keep writing. I guess our transition has been fairly painless because we always had a plan - either A or B and maybe C. That makes it easier to cope with the odd clitch that will always pop up no matter the planning. Also, I'm a big believer in having a positive attitude.

Your house is so beautiful - enjoy your time there later this month. If you are ever in Atenas, please look us up.