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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guard Dogs Out of Control

The three guard dogs here at Finca Huetares have become rather destructive since our arrival. First they stole my shoes - the right ones of two pairs. Magda found the sandal, but the blue shoe has never been found.

Then they moved on to bigger things. They stole the seat cushion from one of the wicker chairs in front of our cabina and tour it literally to shreds and left the mess at our front door. The next day it was the little mat in front of our door.

Now I leave nothing outside at night. No doubt ticked off that I've ruined their fun, they stole the newspapers left on top of an outdoor table and tore them to pulp (ha! get it?). A garbage pail was next.

The are penned during the day and let loose at night. They hang around our cabina, sleeping on the veranda. One is named Rex but we don't know the names of the other two. One is a Rotweiler and the other two are about the same size. They are really friendly - to us.

Unfortunately, they discovered Genny lives inside. She was foolishly ogling them through the California windows (screened), hissing and growling, and the dogs went crazy. Flung themselves at all the windows (3 of them) and, since they are so big, they can look right in. We closed the glass slats and drapes.

The noise was something else, all that barking and slamming. Genny went and hid in her storm cupboard. They eventually gave up but now we are extra careful before letting her outside. We go and check the pens to make sure they are really contained.

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