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Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Night in San Jose

Today we finished up our residency business in Costa Rica. Went to the Canadian Embassy to get one last piece of paper which we took to our lawyer, and now we are free to roam around the country - no need to leave after 90 days. It might take up to a year to get our pensionado status.

Our lawyer is in the same office building as the Association of Residents of Costa Rica (ARCR).  Joining ARCR was one of the first things we did when we decided to move to CR. Their members have been a great source of information and help to us over this process. Today we arranged to have mail forwarding from Canada to their mail drop in Miami and then to ARCR in San Jose.

I want to stress that the best thing any Canadians thinking of immigrating to Costa Rica can do is hire a CR  lawyer who knows the process to handle their paperwork. If you think you can do it all yourself and save money, think again. You will just end up in that same lawyer's office at the end of all your aborted efforts.

Tomorrow morning, we check out of our San Jose hotel. We've hired a car and driver at the very reasonable price of $100 to drive us to Santa Ana to pick up Genny, stop at a pet shop to buy a litter box and litter, one stop at an Apple store to get a new mouse and battery for my computer, then on to Atenas.

My next post tomorrow should be interesting!


Anonymous said...

Sometime the employees at ARCR give incorrect not trust without verifying. AS far as their expat forums, go, I've never received more wrong advice and information anywhere...caveat expat!

Diana said...

I'm sorry to hear your experience with ARCR was not what you expected. This post you have commented on is over a year old now. Our lawyer has been exemplary. We now have our cedulas. We still pick up our mail at ARCR. I did not rely totally on ARCR for information, but just as one more source of useful information.