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Friday, June 17, 2011

Jose and His Horses

We received a special invitation to visit Jose's finca just down the road from where we are staying. Yesterday, we walked down the road to see his horses and his farm. He has a lovely property - house, horse barn, all kinds of fruit trees, and fields for the horses.

I believe the breed is what is called Paso Fino - I don't know a lot about them except they do have a distinct gait and they are a small breed.

We were privileged to be exposed to Tico hospitality - we were shown each and every horse, some with foals, picked fruit fresh from the trees - you haven't lived until you've peeled and eaten an orange two seconds off a tree branch - and Jose loaded up a big potato sack for us filled with mangoes, limes, oranges, and other fruit that I've never tasted or seen before. I was in heaven petting horses, stepping in horse poop and generally getting smelly and dirty.

We walked down the street to the local pulparia (spelling?) which is like a small mum 'n pop corner store.  Jose insisted on buying us some soft drinks and I also picked up a few items for our kitchen. Now that I know where this little shop is, I can walk down there myself when we need to pick up a few things.

Right now, we are sitting outside on our patio in the dark and the Ticas who have the cabina next to us started laughing so hard they had to run inside. We fear it was because Lance is taking photos of the big toads that come out at night!!

I'm using Lance's computer tonight because of my crappy keyboard which is gradually losing all it's keys, so I can't post any photos of Jose but will do so tomorrow on my own computer. Jose just stopped by and taught us how to say "big toad", "medium toad" and "small toad" in Spanish.

We are trying to find a new keyboard for my old Mac.

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