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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More First Day Excitement

Lance just said he can't believe he is sitting here in Costa Rica watching the Canucks playing the Bruins on the TV in our hotel room. He found the game on Sky Sports.

He also says he can't believe how temperate the climate is in San Jose here in the Central Valley. Shouldn't it be stinking hot so close to the equator? No doubt we will experience that at some point in CR.

Asked the front desk clerk for a dinner recommendation and he called a cab for us. Can't remember the name of the restaurant and I certainly could not find our way there again but it was as good as many restaurants we've eaten at in fact, the vegetables were way better.

We ordered hearts of palm salad, fried plantains, and rice with shrimp. The hearts of palm were super fresh, not out of a can, with lots of lettuce, tomato, cucumber....and fresh dill. I've tried cooking plantains before but they were never successful. These ones were so good, and served with what I think was a black bean dip. Rice with shrimp also ..... pause - the Canucks just won!!!

So anyway, fabulous dinner and another great taxi ride. Talk about wild - I wonder how many accidents occur every day.  


Arlyn said...

Hearts of palm. . . yum!! Aren't the drivers something else?! I never thought I would be able to drive in Costa Rica, but after a few trips, I finally did it. Thank you for another update. Can't wait to read the next entry!

The Two W's .... said...

I could almost feel your excitement when I read your blog and can hardly wait for the others ... think I'll learn all about CR from your adventures.

But I have to fess up that every morning I had some plaintain with my breakfast buffet .. did you know there's more than one type of plaintain .. the one I like is the sweet one.
Stay safe and continue having FUN!

Diana said...

Arlyn: you are one brave soul! and a good driver to boot to tackle the streets of San Jose. I've never seen anything like it.

Winn: I didn't know there were several varieties of plaintain. Maybe that explains why mine were never any good. The ones here at the breakfast buffet are sweet.