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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pictures of Jose's Horse Farm

As promised a couple of days ago, here are some photos of Jose's horse and fruit farm.

Partial view of Jose's property - showing the horse barn.

Lance, Diana and Jose's Paso Fino stallion.


The three amigos.


Hen and her chicks.

Lance hauling home a huge stash of mangos, limes, apples, and oranges - thank you, Jose! The apples are not what we are familar with - but Jose called them that in English.


  1. I envy you! What a life adventure you are on!

  2. It was all Lance's idea, Judith. He's been looking into CR for about 15 years and the more I learned about the country, the more I liked the idea. He said, "If not now, when?" So true.

    As soon as we find a house to live in longer term, I can get back to painting - have nothing with me but one pencil and a sharpener!

  3. Really liked the photos, Di. You are getting to know many people.

  4. It seems like we meet new people every day! Today it was a Cuban lady who is moving here from Florida - she bought a coffee plantation around this area some years ago and is now building an hotel on it. She said she'd help me with my Spanish (help woefully needed).

    At Kay's Gringo restaurant on Sunday we met a couple from the U.S. who steered us to a real estate office in Atenas that handles house rentals. And another nice lady from the U.S. who has a house we might look at.

    When we need a doctor, dentist or vet - I'll just ask our contacts!