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Sunday, June 28, 2015


This past week, we have been treated to some spectacular sunrises rising over the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Just 146.85 km (91.25 miles) from Atenas as the crow flies, Puerto Limón is the coastal Caribbean's largest city, in the province of Limón. It is one area of Costa Rica that we have yet to explore. The province of Limón has about 125 miles of shoreline between Panama and Nicaragua.

I hope you enjoy these photos that I took over several mornings.

And here is one of an early evening storm coming in:



Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bigger and Better in Costa Rica

This amazing creature was on the wall of our house yesterday:

It was very large - between four and five inches long, best estimate. I think it is a katydid but would appreciate any help with the correct identification.

It was so amazing looking. The wings look just like leaves, the eyes are brilliant yellow and it has a red edged ruffle on the back of its head.

Insects here can be very large!


Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Visit to Our Medical Clinic

This morning we had our regular four month appointments at the Barrio Jesus EBAIS clinic. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding between the Atenas blood work clinic and our assigned appointments at the Barrio Jesus EBAIS.

No problem, our doctora said we can come back in four months and gave us enough scripts to carry us through.

Sitting in the Barrio Jesus EBAIS clinic is always a lesson on learning how to live here. Apparently a nasty insect was sitting on my arm and a Tica swatted me and killed whatever it was. Then she showed me her hand ... a dead, bloody insect ... and she went and washed it off.

They have a TV at this EBAIS, cooking shows and soap operas, in Spanish. An elderly woman came in on the arms of two people and the nurse looked after her. It's just very laid back and really nice.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eyes on Costa Rica - Update

Costa Rica continues to remain under a microscope. The number of identified countries and quasi-countries from where people have visited this blog has risen to 105. The latest countries are Nigeria, Belarus and Macau.

Since November 2012 there have been many visits from different cities and towns throughout the world - over 16,000 visits from over 2,300 individually identified places.

The red dots indicate the approximate location of individual places. However, when they get cluttered, one location can be masked out by another.
The USA accounts for about half the places. The most northerly places have been Tromsø, Norway, followed by Murmansk, Russia. The most southerly places have been Timaru, New Zealand followed by Temuco, Chile.

As well, visits continue to occur from unidentified places. Collectively, these include visits from "unknown country", "anonymous proxy", "satellite provider", "Europe", "Asia/Pacific Region", "U.S. Armed Forces Europe", "U.S. Armed Forces Pacific" and unidentified places within a given state, province or other region of a given country.

The rate of increase in the number of countries has leveled off. I will be surprised if many more emerge.