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Monday, June 15, 2015

Another Visit to Our Medical Clinic

This morning we had our regular four month appointments at the Barrio Jesus EBAIS clinic. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding between the Atenas blood work clinic and our assigned appointments at the Barrio Jesus EBAIS.

No problem, our doctora said we can come back in four months and gave us enough scripts to carry us through.

Sitting in the Barrio Jesus EBAIS clinic is always a lesson on learning how to live here. Apparently a nasty insect was sitting on my arm and a Tica swatted me and killed whatever it was. Then she showed me her hand ... a dead, bloody insect ... and she went and washed it off.

They have a TV at this EBAIS, cooking shows and soap operas, in Spanish. An elderly woman came in on the arms of two people and the nurse looked after her. It's just very laid back and really nice.

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