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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Eyes on Costa Rica - Update

Costa Rica continues to remain under a microscope. The number of identified countries and quasi-countries from where people have visited this blog has risen to 105. The latest countries are Nigeria, Belarus and Macau.

Since November 2012 there have been many visits from different cities and towns throughout the world - over 16,000 visits from over 2,300 individually identified places.

The red dots indicate the approximate location of individual places. However, when they get cluttered, one location can be masked out by another.
The USA accounts for about half the places. The most northerly places have been Tromsø, Norway, followed by Murmansk, Russia. The most southerly places have been Timaru, New Zealand followed by Temuco, Chile.

As well, visits continue to occur from unidentified places. Collectively, these include visits from "unknown country", "anonymous proxy", "satellite provider", "Europe", "Asia/Pacific Region", "U.S. Armed Forces Europe", "U.S. Armed Forces Pacific" and unidentified places within a given state, province or other region of a given country.

The rate of increase in the number of countries has leveled off. I will be surprised if many more emerge.




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