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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bigger and Better in Costa Rica

This amazing creature was on the wall of our house yesterday:

It was very large - between four and five inches long, best estimate. I think it is a katydid but would appreciate any help with the correct identification.

It was so amazing looking. The wings look just like leaves, the eyes are brilliant yellow and it has a red edged ruffle on the back of its head.

Insects here can be very large!



Dan and Lisle said...

we have them here in Ojochal but never seen one 4 -5 inches - a True Katydid

Photolera Claudinha said...

It's a katydid or bush-cricket in the Tettigoniidae family. I don't know which species. They're really wild looking and lovely. Great find!

Diana Miskell said...

Dan and Lisle, thanks for the link and I.D.

Claudinha: Thank you for the info, I've never seen a katydid before. Bush-cricket, great name.