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Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning About Costa Rica

Haven't been able to post for a few days. My computer seems to be gradually packing it in - the "e" and "y" keys are no longer working. I'm using my husband's Mac tonight.

Also, we had to move out of the house we were renting for a month because the internet service just would not work up there on the hill. We have taken a cabina down the hill at the same resort, Finca Huetares, where we have no internet problems. Although the cabina is smaller than the house, it is also much closer to the pools! So we are here for another 3 weeks while we look for a home for a longer period of time. We are also trying to decide if we want to stay in the Atenas area.

Finca Huetares is a lovely resort - we highly recommend it. We have the place almost to ourselves because it is the off season here. Magda Corrales Murphy owns it (I think) and she is amazing - non-stop from 4:00 am to 9:00 at night. This is also a fruit farm (mangoes, limes, pineapples, probably others) and there are also beautiful chickens who lay organic eggs. They have a large area to run around in and they cluck away happily, roll in the dust, live a good chicken life as chickens should. Don't buy battery eggs, please!

It is so absolutely gorgeous here, the town itself has good amenities. But it is a rural area and one really needs a car which is not on our list at the moment. We want to check out the Alajuela area soon.

This morning, we heard a tremendous crash on our roof. Ran out, and saw the biggest iguana we've ever seen (not that we've seen many) leaping off our roof and running for the pool deck. He must have leapt from the second story roof. All three of us nearly had heart stoppage from the noise because of the tin roof.

Yesterday was tiny lizards in the kitchen day, or maybe they are salamanders? We had two around the kitchen sink. Harmless but gave me a start when I picked up the pot scrubber.

The last several days in Atenas have been very hot and humid. Apparently, this is not the normal state of affairs. It cools down nicely at night and I'm sitting outside on our little patio writing this. The sun went down around 6:15 pm - it does get dark fast. I tried out the pool down the hill for a change - the one I usually use was being cleaned. Because of the temperatures, I'm in the pool about three times a day and it does help. We have a ceiling fan and a fan for the bedroom so we get along and usually need the blanket at night.

Genny is coping well - she is smart enough to just lie around during the day, which is normal for her come to think about it. She has tried venturing out but there is too much activity and noise for her so she just sits in the doorway. I have use of the laundry room but waited too long today to do our wash and had to bring it in early when a storm threatened. It will never dry overnight so will hang it out again tomorrow. You have to do your laundry first thing in the morning here - because at this time of year it can rain every afternoon for a few hours.

We watched a storm sweep across the valley around noon - lots of thunder and lightening, black skies - but we only got a few drops.

We have met a Canadian couple from the Maritimes who now call Atenas home. They are staying at the cottage at the very top of the hill but leave tomorrow. They have been here for quite some time and love it.

I have photos to post but will have to do that from my own computer so will get on with it tomorrow.

So far, there is nothing about Costa Rica that we do not like. Oh, did I mention the enormous toads that hop around at night?


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your message and photos. Also I found my Heys comment after reading your advice. Genny looks beautiful as usual.

Diana said...

Muchas gracias.