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Friday, June 10, 2011

I Stepped on a Lizard in My Bare Feet!

It wasn't my fault. It was dark out on the patio and I was headed back inside when I stepped on a little lizard. I went running into the shower to wash my feet and Lance went outside to mop up the poor little thing.

My computer isn't working well at all and it may be because of all the little teeny-weeny ants that we discovered crawling all over it. They are so small they could easily be crawling around inside. Ants are all over the place in Costa Rica - big ones, medium ones, small ones, microscopic ones. I've put all our food in the fridge.

We've vacated the house we had because the internet just would not work up there and Lance was walking up and down the really steep hill all the time so he could work down at the main part of the resort where the internet was working.

One of the cabinas was available and we took it. It's a one bedroom, bath, kitchen area where Lance can work. We have a nice patio area with large wicker chairs and that is where I am sitting now. We're listening to the Canucks hockey game while I blog on Lance's computer. It's been hot and humid the last few days but the evenings are cool so good for sleeping. One of the three pools is steps from our door so I've been spending a lot of time neck deep in the water.

There was a small green lizard floating upside down it the pool this afternoon. His little eyes were closed. I lifted him out of the water and turned him over on the deck, his eyes snapped open, he stood up on his hind feet and ran away! What an amazing country.

I've got behind in my blogs because of my computer not working very well but I'm hoping to get caught up in the next few days. Lots of pictures and more stories to tell. Genny has seemed to cope well with yet another move. I think as long as we are with her, she does okay.


The Two W's .... said...

Was the little lizard floating on his back?

I'm so enjoying your Blog ... thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Di: Poor little lizard, but you didn't do it on purpose. I'm looking forward to the photos. Send soon. Also how do I read the comments on your blog and as well, I wanted to view my Hey's comments on the guys' blog, but could not? Sis Mad

Diana said...

Yes, he was floating on his back - with his eyes shut and little limbs sticking up in the air!

To read the comments on my blog, click on the "comments" link.

Anonymous said...

There is no place where it says Comments, Di, only Post Comments and Comment as: Select Profile. This is the first time that I've seen my own comment.

Diana said...

Oh right, sorry. Sometimes I forget to publish the comments, they come to me first so I can review them. Once I "publish", they should show up. I've disabled this so now any comments should appear right away.

I've also seen your "Hays" comment on the "Building Paradise" blog - right at the top under "shopping spree" it says "1 comment" - I clicked on that.