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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We're Here!

Wow! we've actually arrived .... I still haven't really grasped it. It's 10:45 pm and we're all checked into the Hotel Aranjuez. It was dark when we arrived so I can't really describe much about it yet - our room faces the courtyard and all I could see were masses of huge tropical plants.

The temperature was 71F when we landed but it's cooler now - some humidity too. Uneventful flights from  San Francisco to Dallas (in the high 80's), then Dallas to San Jose.  It was 3 hours to Dallas, then 3 and a half to San Jose. Boarded straight away in Dallas because our plane was late so no hanging around waiting for the next leg. Believe it or not, American Airlines' dinner was really good.

I think Genny is in Houston - I haven't heard yet. Hope she is okay.

We had no problem clearing Immigration and Customs. We sure have a lot of luggage - about six large suitcases I think. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow - for sure we are having the hotel's famous breakfast in the courtyard. We have to phone our lawyer and make an appointment.

Now that we are in one place for the next four days, I can post some photos. Now - I am going to bed!

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