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Thursday, May 5, 2011

20 Days, Only 20 Days

How come time drags at the beginning of a major project, then speeds along near the end?

Spent today packing and repacking two more plastic bins. We're getting worried that we won't have enough room in our storage container. I've ended up with 16 bins and my husband has quite a few bankers boxes. Plus looks like we'll have to also put our pine dining table and four chairs, one rattan chair with footstool, and a teak coffee table in the same container. Nobody has offered to buy them - fools. Appears that the legs can be removed from both tables so that is a help.

I threw out so much stuff, sold a lot, gave away a lot and I still end up with 16 bins....and I was ruthless. Also started entering the contents of each container on computer inventory lists - that's when I realized we still have a lot of STUFF - yikes, now I'm yelling.

Also trying to convince a potential buyer of a box of A4 paper that, yes, it really is A4, not letter size. I do know one from the other and I'm not trying to cheat you.

I just want to board that train south, then board that plane even further south!

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