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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Three and Counting

I think I need another 33 days, not three. House inspection went fine and we got our damage deposit back. Was asked to remove all the screws/hangers from the walls because everything is going to be painted. Have absolutely no tools left so had to use the one and only knife I kept to cut food with.

Our diet has gone totally downhill. Dinner tonite: frozen personal pizzas with half a fresh tomato each (cut with aforementioned lone knife). Took all our plates, bowls, etc. to Value Village this morning so had nothing to eat off. Had brilliant idea: lay a sheet of the last of parchment paper on two office binders and eat off of those. Our wine is served in plastic cups that keep cracking. We're eating all our meals in a restaurant tomorrow - how do people survive on these frozen foods.

Took Genny to her vet this morning for her International Health Certificate exam and she passed - no fleas, no worms, no vomiting, no diarrhea so she is good to go. Cannot go outside until she departs as she could pick up worms or fleas. She goes back to the vet for boarding on Thursday. Looks like she will be flying from Vancouver Int'l Airport on May 31st to Houston, where she will overnight at the airport pet hotel. Then on to San Jose the next morning.

I had to take the completed Int'l Health Cert. to the vet at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and have their stamps applied - why I do not know. Thought I knew where their office was at the truck border crossing but didn't. Stomped around through various Customs offices asking directions and finally found the right place in a fenced compound. Sigh.

Scanned all docs, including my passport and Genny's innoculation record, and emailed them to Angela at World Pet Travel. Things are happening fast now. Just hope the weather in Texas is ok next week.

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