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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nine Days To Go - Part II

604 Vancouver Storage arrived not long after the shredding truck left. Our storage bin was carried inside a moving truck, which was backed up to our garage and the loading began.

Thank goodness for Juan - there were a couple of very heavy items that we could never have managed to get up the ramp and into the bin. Juan is from Mexico and has only positive things to say about Costa Rica. He has some friends who live there. He says the Ticos are so nice and I've heard that time and again.

Once again, everything moved pretty fast and without any problems. Our bin will be stored at a facility in Richmond, B.C., until we want to ship it. The next time we see our stuff will be in Costa Rica.


Juan - is he a hunk or what? 

Almost finished.

Adios 114.

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