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Friday, May 27, 2011

Day One of Our New Life

Friday, May 27th - here we are in Seattle at the, a very nice place to stay. We had dinner in their restaurant - great food, service and martinis.

Enjoyed the Amtrak Cascades from Vancouver to Seattle this morning. We stayed overnight in Vancouver on Thursday so we could get to the train station at the early hour of 5:00 a.m. Our good friend Jon Churchill was kind enough to come over on the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver to drive us and all our baggage from our house in Cloverdale, to the hotel in Vancouver, and then to the train station. It was very generous of him to offer to help us and we had a great evening together noshing and yakking. Thank you once more, Jon.

Speaking of baggage, we realized our two biggest suitcases were just too big and too heavy, even unpacked. So this afternoon, we went baggage shopping and bought two smaller versions which are much lighter and yet still hold the same amount of clothing as the big ones. The hotel very kindly disposed of our old luggage pieces.

Jon gave us a good idea to keep track of luggage - number each piece and do a count before leaving your hotel, or picking them up at the carousel. We have way more bags than we normally would and I'm finding it hard to find stuff I need.

Here are some photos from our nosh and dinner with Jon, a few views from the Cascades train, and Seattle. It was raining in Vancouver when we left but Seattle was sunny and warm with a good breeze.

Lance and Jon

View from our Vancouver hotel - North Shore mountains.

Leaving for the train station - 5:00 a.m.

VIA and Amtrak train station.

Approaching White Rock, B.C., where we cleared Customs into the U.S.A.

View from our Seattle hotel.

A beautiful day in the Emerald City.

After the policeman's horse had his shoes repaired, he wanted something from Pamela's Fine Foods.


Andrew said...

Where are you guys now?

Arlyn said...

Thank you for sharing your day-to-day events leading up to your move. I am very much enjoying it! I can't wait to read the entry once you have arrived in Costa Rica. Where will you be living?

The Two W's .... said...

This is soooo ... exciting. Now, it's reality!!

Diana said...

Andrew, right now we are at San Francisco airport waiting for our flight to Dallas, then onward to San Jose, CR.

Arlyn: Thanks for reading my blog. We've picked Atenas as the town we want to live in - hope to find a rental home there, partially or fully furnished.

Two W's: I can hardly believe it myself!