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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thirteen Days and Counting

Today was a good day - a very nice lady bought our glass and wrought iron patio table and chairs, plus a metal table big enough to put a couple of drinks on. She was able to take the glass top, the two chairs and the small table but couldn't fit the patio table in her truck. She is returning on Tuesday to pick up the table and I'm going to throw in the last houseplant we have as a thank you.

The patio table has been on CraigsList for quite a while and last week it's presence there elicited two nasty emails from females who were unfortunate enough to be born with a serious lack of grey matter and then raised with truly awful manners.

In essence, they both told me nobody wants to buy my crap, I'm full of s--t and I may as well throw it out. They must lead very narrow and sad existences if they have nothing better to do than read CraigsList ads and then send the sellers bizarre emails.

Ah, but I have my revenge! One of these half-wits used the email her employer provided her with, to wit, the Fraser Health Authority. So of course I've forwarded her email to her employer and I'm waiting to hear back. I expect a lot more than the "thank you very much, we're looking into it" email they have sent so far.

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