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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 4 and Counting - Cleaning the Scary Room

Today was a very busy day. Mowed front and back lawns, scanned a lot of documents for Lance and cleaned the Scary Room.

The Scary Room is Lance's office and it is completely disgusting. He smokes in there - with the door closed so it doesn't poison the rest of the house - and with the window shut in the cold weather. Even a heavy duty air cleaner couldn't cope with that.

I offered to clean it if he would get out of the house for a while. There is nothing worse than a man who is untrained in household chores trying to clean something. They waste supplies, time and my patience. I should have been equipped with a high level air breathing apparatus and an ecological grant from the federal government before venturing in.

Lots of hot water and ammonia did the trick removing the nicotine from the walls and furniture. A good vacuuming helped too. He is under very strict orders not to smoke in there from now until we move. The blinds had to be taken out to the backyard and soaped and rinsed. They were brown, now they are white.

Before I started the cleanup job, Lance staggered out of his office carrying a big load of bankers' boxes. I  offered to help and grabbed the top box. It was empty! They were all empty! They probably weighed no more than 3 lbs. He'll pay for that.

On the plus side, we had lunch at McDonald's and I ordered the new Tuscan salad. Very good, lots of mixed greens, cranberries, nuts. If you go easy on the salad dressing, I imagine it doesn't have that many calories in it.

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