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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Four of Our New Life

Our last day in San Francisco - I love this city. It's so vibrant. Last night we both had one of our best sleeps ever in months. Opened the window in our room and had fresh breezes blowing in. Lance said he heard emergency vehicles at one time but our room is not facing a street so is probably one of the quieter ones. We would stay in this hotel again any time.

Went out and about this morning looking for a good place to have breakfast. Found Mason's California Cuisine at 320 Mason Street. They don't seem to have a web site but you can Google them and read reviews. Lance ordered the huevenos rancheros and I had the pumpkin crepe with fruit. Lance says these huevenos rancheros were the best he ever had, and I have to say I've never had pumpkin crepes before but these were delicious.

Today I had the most expensive hair cut ever in my life and also the best cut ever. It is Memorial Day in the USA so we didn't think many shops would be open, but we found Helen of St. Moritz Styling Salon in the Hyatt on Union Square. My stylist said I looked like Buster Brown when I walked in - my last cut was really bad! She took off about 10 pounds of hair without cutting it too short. It swings and sways and feels really light. We took pictures so I can hopefully find someone in Costa Rica who can replicate the cut.

Lance bought a new pair of jeans at the Levi store and they altered them too. I went shopping at Macy's and bought two Jones New York shirts, one of which I'll wear tomorrow on our flight to San Jose.

We spent about an hour late this afternoon re-packing our bags. Lance bought another large piece of luggage so we could put all the small bits and pieces of other luggage into it and reduce the number of pieces were were carrying by hand. So we now have six pieces of luggage to be checked and then we are carrying two each on board.

I have taken many, many photos on this trip but have not had time to upload them. As soon as we are  settled a bit more, that is the first thing I will do.  Genny got picked up today by the agent who is taking her to her flight from Vancouver International tomorrow and spends tonight with this agent. Tomorrow she flies from Vancouver to Houston, Texas, and overnights there at a pet hotel in the airport. Wednesday morning she flies from Houston to San Jose and will be cleared through Customs by the World Pet travel agent in Costa Rica, and then delivered to the vet in Santa Ana.

We are flying American Airlines to Dallas, then Dallas to San Jose. Arrive San Jose 8:15 pm. We are staying at the Hotel Aranjuez for four nights. Then we're planning on moving to a B&B or hotel in Atenas, where we hope to find a house to rent.

This is our last night north of Costa Rica - tomorrow night we sleep in a new country.

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The Two W's .... said...

This is all so exciting!

I look forward to seeing your new haircut too1