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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 8 and Counting Plus a Tuffy Update

A beautiful, warm, sunny day here in the Lower Mainland of B.C. Had our usual toast and coffee breakfast at our local Cloverdale Ricky's Restaurant and said goodbye to our lovely server, Carol. Carol is just a ball of fire and we're going to miss her lively personality. Carol, don't forget to tell us all about your New York trip - post lots of photos on Facebook, please.

Then we went to Simply Computing in Langley where Lance got himself a MacBook Pro laptop (or MacTop as I like to call them) to replace his heavy iMac G5 so he is all ready to travel to southern climes. He did complain about having all kinds of conniptions to "clone" an old computer to a new computer but now that all is said and done  - whew! according to Lance.

He does have another problem though - my laptop is an iBook G4, inferior to the MacBook Pro, so I think I need an iPad to balance things out.

Decided to have lunch out and we went to the Olive Garden in Langley as I've been wanted to try it. Turned out to be perfect - lovely interior, lots of happy chatting people enjoying their lunch, and the food was very enough leftovers for another meal.

Tomorrow is our last available garbage day so I emptied the fridge of all condiments, dumped the contents, and will put the bottles out for pickup tomorrow. Same with the freezer. Not much left in the kitchen. Have a pile of small appliances and miscellaneous things to take to the charity shop tomorrow.

Now to Tuffy - here is a picture of him lolling around in his Toronto home, courtesy of his new guardians - my niece and nephew-in-law. He is fitting in very well according to all reports, except he is not showing much restraint when it comes to scarfing down Rocky's food and using Rocky's litter box. Rocky is the resident cat and has graciously allowed Tuffy to live with him. What a happy ending. Photo courtesy of my niece.

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Dan and Lisle said...

Diana - We have been watching silently from afar - hope the transition goes well and that we still hear of your adventures as you settle in.

Please seek out the south Pacific coast - while it may be hot and humid we have never really needed air conditioning and a more beautiful place cannot possibly exist.