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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Out and About On My Own

Today I decided to walk into Atenas by myself. Ach, my feet! I really must buy proper runners.

Moving at the same pace I used on the treadmills when I was going to the gym every day in Cloverdale, I made it to the SuperMercado in about 45 minutes. Bear in mind that my shoes were crappy, the sidewalks are (a) broken, (b) non-existent, (c) covered in fallen ripe fruit, (d) chickens were walking on them, and (e) my absolute favorite - a caballista on a grey Paso Fino trotting up the same narrow sidewalk I was trotting down. I stood aside to let him pass, because that horse was kind of nervous looking and sweating but he steadied it to a standstill and waved me to pass.

I made it past without a kick to the noggin and continued on. Got distracted looking back at that horse and trying to count the beats of it's hooves on the sidewalk. There is something about the Paso Fino's movements that are very precise. I wonder if there is some hackney horse breeding in there.

Got my shopping done, checked out the CoopeAtenas coffee for sale and then hailed a taxi home -- where I soon realized I hadn't kept aside enough small colon bills to pay the taxi driver. A shout to Lance to bring me out some coins and I soon had enough to pay the driver.

Then we realized I had taken the house and fence keys with me, so Lance was essentially locked into the property unless he wanted to wade through the barbed wire fence. Oh well, it all worked out. But next time I must remember to bring our phone number with me in case I get into trouble somewhere.

You know what? My walk today beat any 30 minutes on any treadmill anywhere - the weather was perfect, the scenery was incredible, animals and birds everywhere - and I'm not paying gym fees!!

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