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Friday, July 29, 2011

Daily Life in Atenas

We're back to normal green season weather....rain or the threat of it some time during the day, or at night. Last night we listened to a symphony of hard tropical downpour and thunder, accompanied by a light show in the sky. Poor Genny heads for her storm cupboard at the first clap of thunder.

Since we are ex-West Coasters, we don't mind the rain, fog or cooler temperatures when they occur. I would have to say that since we arrived May 31st, we have enjoyed a lot of sun and higher temperatures. It will be interesting to see what October brings, as that is supposed to be the rainest month. We also have the dry season to look forward to come November.

It is said that if you don't like the weather where you live in Costa Rica, move up or down 100 feet and experience something different.

I'm now able to call the taxi - we use Jorge Calderon - I think he gets a good laugh out of my broken, awful Spanish and he always helps us with pronouncing words.

We have so many limes on our tree. They are semi-sweet and turn yellow as they mature and that is when they are super juicy. Fran Browne from sent me a no-fail recipe for making key lime pie. I bought all the ingredients today, except for the graham crumb crust. I'll have another look for graham crackers next week. That tree ain't goin' nowhere.

We had breakfast today at Kay's Gringo Postres - we always meet new people there. I borrowed two books from their library and enjoyed one of the best breakfast BLT's I've ever had. What a great place to share information - we found out where the best butcher shop is, where to find 40 watt bulbs for our bathroom light over the mirror, who does what and where.

 No street addresses though - everything is "200 metres up the road from ... just around the corner and head north from ... you know where that shop is, well turn left and go one block ... if you know where the candy shop is across from the park, well the pharmacy you want is right next to that ....". As someone who got lost driving from Harrod's in Reno, Nevada,  to a mall 10 minutes away and ended up in California, you can see how this is difficult for me. We keep a small compass out on the patio table so I at least know what direction north is.

We needed to buy Genny her special Hills prescription diet k/d feline renal health kibble (what a mouthful) and I thought we'd have to go out of town to find it. But, no, we found it at Medico Veterinario - directions: 50 metres west of the Supermercado Pali in Atenas. They have two resident cats and I think this will be a very good place to take Genny if she needs attention. Cats here seem to look a lot different than North American kitties - they are smaller and in really good shape.

Having big trouble with wasps and our hummingbird feeder - the wasps swarm around the feeder so much that the hummers can't feed. I need to find a different feeder - the kind that the wasps can't feed off.

Today was the feria in Atenas - I bought strawberries, green onions (huge), a big bunch of cilantro with the roots still attached which I will now try to plant, and red peppers. A special surprise was a craft fair and we took pictures of the young dancers:

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