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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doctors and Coffee

I have a need to see a doctor every ninety days so the time had come to find myself a family doctor in Atenas. In Vancouver, when my long time family doctor retired (and he was unable to sell his practice), it was impossible to find a replacement. Family doctors have gone the way of the dodo, unfortunately. I had to use a walk-in clinic - the doctors were great but how I hated the waits! "Come back in three hours!" and wait some more, "No, we don't make appointments".

To find a doctor in Atenas, I consulted the "Atenas Today" yellow pages and saw an ad for Linea Vital de CR. Phoned their office this morning, got an appointment for 11:00 am, and met Dr. Noguera promptly at 11:00!!

She is really nice. She spent quite a bit of time talking with the pharmacist, trying to find a substitute for a couple of my meds, was successful and I have my prescriptions in hand. I think I even know where this particular pharmacist is ... across from the central park. Cost of my doctor visit today: $40 US.

Coffee: I bought 8.8 oz. of Ateneo ground coffee produced by Coopeatenas R.L. at the SuperMercado today. The aroma is bursting through the bag. Cost: $2.50 CAD!! Can't wait to try it tomorrow morning. Coffee grown, picked, roasted and ground in the very area we live in - unbelievable.

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