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Friday, July 8, 2011

On The Buses - for the first time

This week, for the first time, we rode the Costa Rican buses. We needed to go to San Jose so we went into Atenas in the morning to the bus depot. Everyone here is always so helpful - the ticket vender guy told us to go across the street, which we did, and there was our bus ready to go.

The fare was less than $2.00 CAD each (and bear in mind that the bus fare from one end of this country to the other is less than $12.00 CAD). The bus was very comfortable, big plush seats, windows you can open for the air - and it was just over an hour's drive to San Jose.

We got off the bus in San Jose, dealt with our business there, had lunch, and found our way back to the Coca Cola terminal and hopped on our bus back to Atenas.

Same great bus trip back - the scenery is lovely.

Then, later this same week, we decided to take the bus into Atenas. That involved walking down to Highway 3, then walking to the nearest bus stop - it was all downhill, good. On the way, we saw a lady knocking fruit from a tree - turns out they were soursops - and she offered me some - they are really good to eat raw and also to make into fruit drinks.

We had no idea when the bus would pass by - one hour later we were still waiting. But it finally showed up and five minutes later we were in Atenas.

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