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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tools Going to Fiji

Can you believe it? All our tools and related thingies (as I call them) are headed to Fiji.

I threw everything remotely connected to manly building activities in a big plastic bin, threw two tool chests on top of it and posted it on CraigsList. I stressed that everything had to be taken - no rooting through the bin and selecting some, discarding others, then offering me ten bucks.

The nice fellow who took it all comes from Fiji and is returning there with his family. He has been in Canada for 18 years and is fed up with the congestion of people and traffic in the Lower Mainland. Pollution is also a factor for him. We can relate to how he is feeling.

He has a big container that he's shipping to Fiji but it is only half full right now so adding tools is no problem. Apparently tools are rather expensive to buy there - I suppose because such things have to be imported.

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