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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going .... Going .... We're Gone!

Today, we met with the Consulado General de Costa Rica in North Vancouver. He officially stamped and certified the five documents we need to take to our lawyer in Costa Rica - two birth certificates, two RCMP  reports of good conduct and one marriage certificate. Our lawyer will also need our passports and a letter from my pension source stating we meet the monthly financial pensionado requirements, but these do not have to be certified by the Canadian Costa Rican Consul. All the documents will be translated into Spanish in Costa Rica, and our lawyer will take care of that.

We'll also need to register with the Canadian Embassy in San Jose once we arrive.

Senor Arreaga-Valdes is so helpful and friendly. We chatted about life in Costa Rica and he said we can ask him questions any time and request his help if we need it. He is a real gentleman.

So, we are really on our way. I can now start booking our flights, hotels, etc. We'll be gone by the end of May, 2011. Even the stray cat who moved herself into our house about a year ago has found a new forever home with my niece in Toronto. Sometime in the next two months, Tuffy will be winging her way east. Genny, of course, will come with us.

We're so excited about this great adventure and a new chapter in our lives.


  1. I can almost feel your excitement ... lots of fun!

    And so glad that the stray kitty will have a new home too.

    I'll live your experience through your BLOG ... but between now and the end of May you'll be soooo busy!

  2. Thank you! Thanks to your recent blog, I want to go see Grenada when we are "in the area".

    I hope I can get to sleep tonight and the next 60 nights. You are right about being so busy. I'm glad I started the process as soon as we decided to do this - almost a year ago. It can take a long time for everything to fall into place. This is my most challenging moving assignment ever!