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Sunday, March 27, 2011

If I've Got Rid of So Much, How Come There's Still a Mess?

Here are some photos of smaller items that were sold on Saturday. My sister is visiting us and her friend took away two tables and I gave her an old chair that needs to have a proper seat put on it.

I've also put together a pile of art supplies that I'm not taking with us. A lady is coming to check them out later this week so I moved them all to the front vestibule to make it easier for her to see everything.

It's the clutter of stuff awaiting disposal that makes the house look so messy.


Diana said...
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Julie said...

Congratulations! When you want to stock up on art supplies once you're here, check out this map and list of places on my blog:

Diana said...

Thanks, Julie! I've been wondering how I would replenish my supplies once I got to Costa Rica.....what a good excuse to go shopping.

I ship paintings to quite a few shows in the U.S. via FedEx and that is something I will have to look into also as I want to continue doing this.

I enjoy your blog very much.