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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Sale

Whew! The big oak desk went to a good home last week. A young couple bought their first home and wanted to move up from pressed sawdust furniture to real furniture that will last them a lifetime.

This solid oak desk was made in California and my husband bought it for his downtown office. It eventually moved home with us and I've been using it as my home office. Now my home office is the dining room table and various boxes and containers. No matter, it's only for a short time. Soon we will be in camping mode and eating off paper plates and using plastic utensils.

All part of the fun and excitement!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful desk!


Anonymous said...

Mine! :-)

It weighs over 350lbs. Thankfully I found out the top can be removed fairly easily, so we moved it into our den in pieces (drawers come out, of course).

Am enjoying the desk (or at least, my wife is).

Thanks Diana/Lance!

Diana said...

Oh, I'm so glad your wife likes it! Does she let you have any time with it at all?

Wow, 350 lbs - how did you weigh it? Never knew the top could be removed.

John said...

She likes it because the computer's on it, and she hogs the computer all the time. I'll think of a way to lure her away from the desk so I can enjoy it, too! :-)

Somebody else posted their solid oak desk (same dimensions as this one) weighs over 350 lbs, so I just assumed this desk weighs about the same.

Top was "loose" when we unloaded it, so I took a closer look and found it had unseated from the pins holding it down. Only 2 screws keeping it from coming off completely, so I took those off and hey presto!

Diana said...

You'll just have to get another computer. Well, I wish we had known during all our previous moves about the desktop being removable!

John, when wading through the mess in Lance's office, I found an oak filing cabinet you might be interested in - but I've lost your email address. Hope you read this post.