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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Alternative Furniture

Two containers are finally packed - the contents of each photographed, wrapped, numbered and recorded. Container number one, pictured below, is now being used as a television stand. The previous stand is for sale on CraigsList and it is not your usual stand. It is a nifty, large, round planter that I bought in Vancouver's Chinatown. It has a dragon in relief running around the perimeter.

I bought it originally because I thought it would make a super indoor water fountain. I plugged the hole in the bottom with a bathtub stopper and lots of sealing goop but was remiss in not sealing the inside so it always had a slow leak.

So then it became a TV stand but it needed a flat surface on top. Eureka! I used the pullout secretary writing tray from our really wonderful solid oak desk (which is also on CraigsList). In case the desk actually sells, the writing tray will go. The container is now being used as a TV table.  Do you like our television? I bought it at the Sally Ann for $25 a number of years ago and it works just fine. Yeah, so it's not five feet across ....

You might think I'm really cheap but actually it's more that I'm creative and like to see stuff used in unexpected ways.  Speaking of CraigsList, my next post might be all about the idiot, flakey "buyers" out there who keep annoying me. Oh, by the way, those magazines on the floor to the right? All for sale, really interesting, old Life mags from the 20's to the 50's.

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