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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Atenas - A Popular, Mountain Retirement Area in Costa Rica for Baby Boomers


costa rica retirement said...

I have read many books on the subject, I read the english newspaper "Tico Times" and I have toured the country once. I need to know some of the things that are distasteful about living there. Most of what I read is about the positives but you never know about the negatives until you're in the middle of them. If you know some of them, tell me.

Diana said...

If you've been reading the Tico Times, CR Retirement, then you already know that negatives stuff happens here as well as everywhere else in the world. We have only been here since May 31st and haven't seen anything of the country except San Jose (for a week) and now Atenas. You are one up on us, because you've already toured the country and we've never been here before!

I'm not sure what you mean by "distasteful" - would you be bothered by the teeny little ants that show up by the hundreds if you leave even one crumb on your kitchen counter? To me, they are a really minor bother and the problem is solved by keeping everything in containers and sweeping the floors. One person's minor bother is another's huge problem. So that might be your negative but not another's.

I personally loved San Jose but lots of people don't. We've lived in big cities so we just applied the same common sense in San Jose. We've only had basic Spanish lessons so far but that hasn't stopped us from eating in sodas, shopping in stores, buying our groceries, using the ATM's.

So far, we both love this country and the people. I love the food and the weather. And it is so, so beautiful....and we come from British Columbia, which has the best weather and most beautiful scenery in all of Canada.

I guess having a positive attitude is the way to go. Also, realize this is NOT North America and we are guests in their country. We need to speak Spanish, they do not need to speak English. We do not push our beliefs and way of living on them but learn about theirs.

There are no guarantees in life - we all run into negatives in our lives, no matter where we are. Always have a Plan B! Costa Rica is not for everyone, just like any other country in the world. I personally have no interest in living in China.

My final advice: don't let fear of negatives stop you! Hope this helps in some way. No doubt, the longer we live here, annoying stuff will crop up and I will blog about it here.