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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soon We'll Be Eating Off the Floor

Our two bedside tables went out the door today. It's so nice dealing with buyers who mean what they say and say what they mean ... they show up when they say they will.

Then I had to scratch my head - what will we use for holding reading lamps, radios, books, etc. Plus these tables had drawers where we stored sweaters. The sweaters went into our closet and I concocted new tables out of the big boxes computers come in which we'd been saving in the garage, for some reason.

They look like heck but, heck, they serve the same purpose!


The Two W's .... said...

Your blog's most interesting .... could you have ever imagined that you'd be doing something like this?

Most of my family and friends have said to me 'why are you going to spend a month in Nicaragua' .. so far this has been one of my best getaways in a long time.

Today, I just bought the Nica Times which included an insert, the Tica Times ...both of these are apparently online ... maybe you're already following this?

I've forgotten, when are you leaving?

I've met a lady from Ontario who has been in CR since late last year. She's undergone so much dental and cosmetic surgery there .. I can't imagine doing so much to this old body.

Look forward to following your BLOG more closely now.


Diana said...

Hi Winn! No, never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought we'd actually be moving out of the country....and I'm so glad we are! There is nothing like a new adventure to look forward to. Looks like our departure date will be around the 3rd week of May.

You are smart to spend a month in one spot - best way to get to know a country and the people, or at least part of it. Will you find it hard to go back to Ottawa - or it's weather anyway.

I'm enjoying reading your blog and seeing the photos. Sad about the kitties but at least they had a chance with you. We just realized today that Lance (my husband) has been reading the Tico Times for about 15 years so that's how long he's had this dream. I'm reading it too and also A.M. Costa Rica which is also on line.

I'm aware of the excellent dental and cosmetic surgery available - the dental I'm going to look into. I can't imagine having so much cosmetic surgery done ....

Now that you have been so close to Costa Rica, perhaps we'll get to meet you there. Best, Diana