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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning in Atenas

This is Semana Santa (Easter Week) in Costa Rica and stores were closed on Thursday afternoon and Good Friday. Atenas is a "dry" canton on Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday so stocking up ahead of time is recommended.

We went into Atenas this morning to have breakfast. The mercados were open, as well as the Central Market, but our usual breakfast spots were closed. However, Las Tres Hermanas (The Three Sisters) was open. This is a small soda in the central market, across from the taxi stands.

Every time we eat there, I think, "This is the real Costa Rica". For a total of 4,000 colones ($8.00 CAD), we had two plates heaped with food plus two fruit drinks. They have an array of choices laid out, and you just ask for what you want. I used to have to point, but now I can almost ask for everything in Spanish. Today I chose a cas drink, black beans, pork with a yummy gravy, corn tortillas, a cauliflower, carrot and green bean salad and a piece of the local white cheese, browned in a pan the way I like it. This food will hold a body together right through until tomorrow.

It was just great sitting there with lovely, warm breezes blowing in through the open doors, watching the activity outside in our little town and really feeling that we are a part of this community.

After breakfast, we did a bit of grocery shopping in El Canario, where I do most of my grocery shopping and then back home via taxi. El Canario (The Canary) is right beside the taxi stands. There's a butcher counter at the back ... this is where I am learning some useful Spanish. They are so cheerful and laugh at my mistakes, then help me with the right words.


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Photolera Claudinha said...

I'm following you around town in spirit :-)