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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Sounds of Costa Rica

We have been experiencing very strong trade winds lately. It is quite dry, with no rain since October. This is normal .. we are in the dry season (also the tourist season). The bougainvillea never stops blooming, no matter what time of year. Some trees have dropped all their leaves with the drought, not unlike trees dropping their leaves in the fall in northern climes.

Our mango tree is flowering and has some small fruit on it. Our neighbour's mango tree, on the other hand, is loaded with ready to pick fruit. Our mango tree is about a month behind.

With the strong winds come all sorts of sounds. The winds blowing through the palm trees, which bend easily. The sound of dead palm leaves falling to the ground ... and you don't want to be underneath one when it falls - the part that was attached to the tree is really heavy.

I can hear our neighbour's wind chimes sending notes down the hill to us. There is a constant rustling from flowers, trees, hedges, tropical plants.

This is a good time of year for hanging laundry out on the line ... it dries in no time and I can hear the sound of clothes flapping in the wind.

Quite frequently, a very strong wind pushes through and our wooden wind chime really sings a song. I have my hanging orchids secured with locking clips so they can't blow away. All the orchids need to be checked daily to make sure they haven't dried out from the strong winds. Here is one of my phals still in bloom and swinging happily in the tropical breezes (winds!).



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