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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Must Haves in Your Tropical Pantry

One thing that I really always want to have on hand are spring roll wrappers, also known as rice paper wrappers. Believe it or not, they are readily available in the Atenas mercados, along with nori for making Japanese style rolls.

The rice paper is perfect for making salad rolls ... you can find recipes for these on line.

Right now, we have an over abundance of ripe bananas from one of our banana trees. It seems like they all ripen at the same time, after hanging from our outdoor rafters for weeks and looking very green.

I spread the bounty between two of our neighbours and am trying to use up the rest. I froze about 10 of them for future use as smoothies, and tonight two of them are safely wrapped in rice paper wrappers, sprinkled with cinnamon and will be fried in some oil later as part of our dessert, along with vanilla ice cream, salted peanuts, and crushed fresh pineapple.

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