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Friday, September 21, 2012

Playing Tourist

We are currently entertaining VIP visitors, my sister and her husband. They arrived last week from Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada.

Today we went to see the Poas volcano.  This volcano is a post in itself so I'll just say for now that it is well worth visiting - so amazing.

Lance checked the weather at 0530 and declared it a perfect day to see the volcano - clear skies. We were on the road just after 0730. We recommend getting to Poas by 1000 before clouds come in.  Lance was correct - the volcano was clear of clouds.

After the volcano visit, we drove to  Restaurante Chubascos for lunch. Restaurante Chubascos is 1 km north of Fraijanes and about 20 minutes from Poas. The setting is lovely, they have cabinas for rent and the food is excellent - they serve typical Costa Rican food. The portions are large and the fruit drinks delicious.

The cooler elevations of the Poas area support strawberry growing, dairy farming, lots of coffee plantations, cheese making and the views are incredible. We stopped along the side of the road and bought flats of fresh picked, juicy red strawberries and balls of the local white cheese. A large flat of berries cost 2,000 colones and the cheese was the same price.

Also recommended: use a GPS! We do and it makes things so much easier - most of the time. "Jill" steered us wrong a few times, leading us to a washed out road that was impassible.

Patacones rellenos.

Yuca appetizer

This soup was delicious, filled with good things.


Photolera Claudinha said...

You're showing the 'VIPs' a great time!!

Diana said...

Thanks! We seem to be eating our way around Costa Rica.