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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Back Home Again in Vista Atenas

We're back home again in our pretty little casa in Vista Atenas. We spent the last two months housesitting for friends in Picaflora, with lots of visits to our Vista Atenas home to attend to gardening and so on.

Picaflora is a housing development one mountain ridge over from Vista Atenas. The houses are built in the Bali style - lots of wood sliding doors with many glass panes. Very beautiful. We enjoyed the luxury of a pool, a huge kitchen with propane stovetop with five (five, count 'em!) burners, and a refrigerator with ice maker (my favorite).

Genny came with us too, of course. What she didn't know was that there is a resident cat - Cleo the Abyssinian. Same age as Genny (old). My visions of them becoming BFF's (Best Friends Forever) were rapidly dissolved on the first day when the two of them saw each other before we were ready for it to happen.

You wouldn't believe how fast two old cats can move. Cleo attacked rapidly with noises to match. She chased Genny under a bed with me in fast pursuit. I managed to grab Genny out of harm's way. Cleo was so upset she peed her pants. She did that again the next time she saw Genny. Eventually it all calmed down, with Cleo looking at Genny through a glass door and frowning, and the two of them muttering. The spitting and growling eventually stopped.

My sister Mady and her husband Mike visited us for two weeks in September and I have lots of pictures to share about their trip here on my next post.

My sister Mady and Cleo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this nice photo of Cleo, Di.