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Friday, October 5, 2012

Barney Don't Need No Stinkin' Street Signs!

This is Barney, a young unneutered male cat who showed up at our house about four or five months ago. He was also visiting neighbors, in particular Tony and Rosemary. We named him Barney the Barn Cat because he's welcome to stay around outside, but we are not turning him into an indoor pet cat. With the year 'round good weather we experience, he does fine outdoors.

Barney and Genny became instant friends. Barney has a very loud voice and doesn't enjoy being petted or touched very much - perhaps being unneutered makes him more aggressive. He was on the thin side so we started feeding him whenever he showed up. He would hang around for a while, then go on his way.

We decided to do him a favor and have him neutered, inoculated and treated for anything else, like ticks or worms. We started feeding him inside Genny's airline carrier and eventually he was comfortable eating in there.

Two months ago, when we had the use of a vehicle, Lance shut the door on the carrier, loaded Barney into the car and off they went to Atenas and the vet. Right outside the vet's office, as Lance was unloading the carrier, Barney made a break for it and escaped thru the bottom half of the carrier's door. Either it wasn't secured or he somehow opened it and the space he escaped through was quite small. He was last seen running down one of Atena's streets. Lance felt terrible about it, of course, and we've always wondered what Barney's fate had been. There are so many dogs in Atenas, many running loose.

Whose face was staring through the glass patio door this morning? Barney's of course. Like any Costa Rican, he didn't need street signs to navigate his way back from Atenas, two to three miles away, to our house in Vista Atenas. It took him two months.

He looks pretty good considering. We are going to try again to get him neutered. If we can get him in the carrier, Tony and Rosemary will drive him to the vet and we'll split the cost of his treatments.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing Barney...hope you can get him neutered....a real survivor.....Betty D(friend of Alma)

Anonymous said...

I just love the saga of Barney, Betty. I knew that you would like it, too, being a cat lover. Isn't it amazing how he found his way back to Vista Atenas (up in the mountains)? Diana will keep us posted. Thank you for reading Diana's blog, Betty.

Diana said...

Thanks for reading my blog, Betty - always nice to meet a friend of my sister. Will keep you updated on Barney's progress.

Diana said...

He came visiting twice today - once in the morning for a feed and then again this afternoon for more. He had a good nap on a patio chair, then buzzed off. The rain doesn't seem to bother him. We think he has mange in front of one ear.

MidnightCosmostar said...

Hello! Are you an often online visitor or you are for being offline?

Diana said...

I do not understand ..... This is my blog.