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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Costa Rica - Where the Real Movers and Shakers Live

By now, the whole world must know about the powerful 7.6 earthquake that occurred this morning in Costa Rica. It's epicenter was beneath the Nicoya Peninsula and we live about 70 miles away. We have been minding a house in Picaflora while our friends are away and that is where I was when the quake hit.

Lance was at our house in Vista Atenas, one ridge over from the Picaflora ridge. He said he got out of the house in 3 seconds and the vehicle we are using was bouncing up and down. No damage to the house or property except for a fallen ornament.

As for me, I was in a lounge chair by the pool, keeping out of the way of the two housekeepers. It was the noise that first got my attention - a loud rumbling - then I saw the water in the pool was sloshing back and forth and over the sides. The ground was shaking and the doors in the house were rattling.

I, foolishly, ran into the house to check on Genny. She was under the bathroom counter making that mew mew mew sound that tells me she is frightened and stressed. I patted her until the shaking stopped. Cleo, the resident cat, was already outside and she turned up shortly seemingly unaffected.

The housekeepers had more sense than me - they immediately went outside and waited in the laneway.

Phone service was completely unavailable, probably because of heavy usage. There have been no aftershocks.

It's rather unnerving, although not unexpected of course. We were always waiting for "The Big One" to happen in Vancouver, B.C., and one day it will.

Not sure how much damage was done near the epicenter - will keep following the news reports. Hope people are okay.

Thanks to April for the great blog title!


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Diana Miskell said...

This post is about earthquakes, not moving companies.