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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Always Keep Your Camera By You

I missed a nice photo opportunity the other day because I left my camera at home. We were driving past the Atenas church and were stopped because a multi-wedding was leaving the church and walking across the road to the park.

We saw about five different newly married couples walking to the park and there may have been more before we arrived. The park was all dressed up with white tents, decorations and music.

Each couple was followed by their attendants and as they entered the park, everyone clapped. The brides looked lovely in their long white dresses and the grooms were handsome in suits. The priests followed at the end.

What a great idea - multi-weddings - saves a whack of colones.

Afterwards, we were strolling through the Atenas centro market and noticed a fellow selling hand carved oxen pulling painted carts. I bought two of them, one small and one larger. He did a lot of work making them and the price was very reasonable. The oxen have wheels on their hooves so the whole rig can be rolled along.


Lizz said...

I see the beginnings of an oxcart collection taking shape here - resist woman.


Diana said...

Good advice, Lizz - and I will do my best! I can buy a full size oxcart in Sarchi ....

Anonymous said...

I am now the proud owner of an oxcart set. The elderly man was sitting on the curb in Atenas, so I was thrilled, because it was really the only Costa Rica souvenir that I wanted to buy.