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Friday, August 10, 2012

Fitting In

Atenas is starting to feel like our home town now. This past Sunday, we were in Atenas and enjoyed the Sunday brunch at Kay's Gringo Postres.

Then, while walking back to Atenas Centro, one of our gardeners honked his car horn at us as he was driving by. A minute later, one of our taxi drivers honked and waved at us as he was driving by.

A bit later, we went into the market in Atenas Centro to pay our CAJA health insurance (go figure that one out) and on our way out, Roberto from Remax stopped to shake our hands, say hello and ask how everything was going.

Today, Friday, we were in Atenas again and I noticed how busy and full of people our little town is. Friday is feria (market) day, so lots of people were walking around with carts and arms full of fresh produce, eggs, etc.

In Canada, it seems like people drive to big malls, shop, drive away and that's it - no real interaction with anyone. Of course, it might be different living in small Canadian towns and perhaps the same friendliness still exists there - at least I hope so.


Dan and Lisle said...

Diana - so great to see you have your Cedula and that life has become normal for you - while we haven't yet taken the leap to full time life in Costa Rica, it very quickly becomes home with friends and community. Keep writing - I love the view into your discovery of this place!

Diana said...

Thank you, Dan and Lisle - you will be here permanently eventually. Building your house tells me that you want to be here full time. As you say, this country quickly becomes home. Thank you so much for telling me to keep writing about Costa Rica - it's easy because I love it here and I am flattered that you enjoy what I say. Now I just need some encouragement to keep painting my horses and cows ... I am getting lazy with that part of my life.

Dan and Lisle said...

If you have posted pix of your paintings I must have missed them - would enjoy that - - also check out
Scott Wimmer is an artist from Miami who is in San Jose - some really intersting stuff

Diana said...

I haven't posted my paintings here, but you can see them at, or click on "Diana's Horse and Cattle Art" under "Favorite Links" on this site. I specialize in cattle and horse paintings, with a dog and cat thrown in now and again.

Just had a brief look at Scott Wimmer's blog - will spend more time on it later so I can appreciate his work. Thanks for the link ...