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Monday, June 11, 2012

Run Free, Li'l Lizard

I wasn't home this morning when it happened, but Lance was. He said heard a commotion in the kitchen involving Genny and when he went to investigate, the lizard had come out from under the refrigerator and taken refuge behind a cabinet.

Lance shut Genny in another room, opened the patio door and the lizard made a beeline (lizardline?) for freedom. We hope it doesn't have serious injuries. I know lizards can regrow tails (and limbs?) but I'm sure they can't reconstruct their torsos.

And that's your good news for Monday!


Jamie said...

Hi Diana -

I have caught Bentley with a lizard in his mouth a few times, but no damage to either the lizard or date!

Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I hope you enjoy it as I have enjoyed yours!!

Hugs to Genny!


Diana said...

Genny says thanks for the hug! And she sends a ... well, it might be a hiss ... no, it's a purr to Bentley.

Yes, I enjoy your blog very much .... Diana