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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bug Day

It must be that time of year in Costa Rica - bugs and butterflies galore. Here are some recent bug visitors to our house:

I almost choked when I saw this huge-eyed bug hanging off my lap top computer early in the morning. It just kept staring at me. I managed to get it outside.

This bug is amazing! It was hanging around on our passion fruit  vine. It seems to be wearing maritime flags on it's  back and it's feet.

Another cool bug.

And regarding butterflies, they often fly into our house and then I am able to cup them into my hands and release them outside. Today I captured a butterfly I have never seen before  - I think it was a species of glass wing butterfly - wish I had taken a photo. It was so beautiful.


Michele said...

I thought I was the only one taking photos of bugs! The beetles and butterflies/moths are incredible here. Actually, some of the flies are gorgeous, too. And bees (I got a photo of a purple bumblebee!). Last night a huge, glossy black stag beetle managed to get in the house and I had visions of it in my curio display cabinet...for about a half hour. Then I slid a piece of cardboard under the glass I had put over it and took it outside, never to be seen again (which is how it should be).

Lizz said...

Hey Di you could make your own Aliens movie...

Diana said...

Purple bumblebee - beautiful, haven't seen one yet. That's a good way to catch the big bugs and release them outside.

Diana said...

There would be a cast of thousands!

P.S. empty your mailbox!