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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mangoes, Papayas, Chestnuts from the Fire ....

Okay, we don't have papayas or chestnuts - from the fire or elsewhere .... but we do have mangoes! Many, many mangoes ... Lance took a picture of our mango tree -

The photo shows just a small portion of the fat, ripe mangoes that make me feel guilty every day. I've baked mango bread, made mango smoothies, I've given mangoes to our gardener, to our friends and neighbors, strangers who pass by on the street. Animals are enjoying them too - birds and insects - and those are only the ones I can identify.

Mangoes are dropping from the tree, rolling down the hill and crashing into the pergola.

Such a bounty of food Costa Rica gives us.


Photolera Claudinha said...

I remember last years bounty, since I REALLY love mangos. One thing I did after a friend gave me a bushel or so from her orchard. It's a little labor intensive, but worthwhile: cube, cube, cube; then freeze all those cubes in (more or less) single layer in quart-size freezer bags. Keep in freezer till needed. Use at will after mango season is, sadly, over. I miss mangos!!!

Diana said...

Great idea - I may do this with a couple of small bags. Our refrigerator is one of the small ones with a tiny freezer that has to be defrosted every few days. Still, I have room for some mangoes.

I picked 25 more of them today - 20 are going to friends and I'll keep 5. Some of them are so big they won't fit into the fruit picker basket. Also noticed that quite a few still on the tree are splitting they are so big.