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Sunday, February 5, 2012

We've Been Busy

The time just seems to fly by. Looking at my calendar, we met up with friends on January 20 and they drove us around to Grecia and Sarchi, towns we had not yet been to.

Grecia is a town I want to go back to and explore a bit more. It's the capital city of the canton of Grecia in the province of Alajuela (thank you, Wiki). We stopped and saw the church (Iglesia de la Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes) and the park. Wiki has a lot of good information on this church - very interesting.

Then on to Sarchi,  home of the world's largest oxcart (carreta), and famous for crafts and locally made furniture. We stopped at one of the tourist souvenir places - it even had a carreta with two oxen and a boyero (oxcart driver) so the tourists could take photos. Lance bought a map and, when paying for it with colones, was asked by a bus tourist, "What kind of money is that?" Ha! why, it's the currency of Costa Rica! and we use it all the time. Everything in this shop was priced in USD so I guess these tourists just get on and off the buses, visit the tourist places, pay in USD, and that's it.

We found a really good soda in Sarchi, where we had lunch. Across the street was an ice cream shop so we had to visit it, of course. I tried to order a bebida de frutas mixtas (mixed fruit drink) but ended up with a plate of mixed fruit. Oh well, I'll know better next time. It was still really good fruit.

It is so much fun exploring all the roads, seeing new towns and we are so fortunate to have such great friends.

Oxcart in Sarchi.

The church in Grecia.
Pizza Mangia in Sarchi - you must try this place. We ordered fish casados and an arroz plate.
Lance, Diana and the owner of Pizza Mangia.


Anonymous said...

April said:

lovely photos Diana I just love the designs on those ox carts, the colors are so beautiful!

Diana said...

I just knew you would love them!