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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Hairdresser

I have found the most wonderful lady to cut my hair. Her name is Mariana and she owns Sala de Belleza Mariana in Atenas.

She has her salon in her home and the setting is very nice. Mariana also does massages, body wraps, etc.

Anyone who knows me also knows I get lost easily - so phone her at 8339-8000 for directions because if I try to give them to you,  you'll end up totally opposite from where you want to be.

I finally phoned Mariana on my cell and handed the phone to a taxi driver and she gave him directions.


  1. Diana,

    I first wanted to say I love reading your posts! I have been "stalking" your blog for the last few months. We had decided to move to Atenas about a year ago, so the information is great. We actually JUST moved this week and I was wondering "where could I go to get a haircut?". Now I know.

    I look forward to meeting you out and about.


  2. Hi Denice! I am flattered that you have been reading my blog - and welcome to Atenas. We think it is the best town to live in. Where are you located? Where did you come from?

    I received a really good haircut from Mariana and the price was excellent - I'm going back to her in the next week or two for another cut plus highlights.

    Oops, our power seems to be going off and on .... ha ha, that's Costa Rica!